Travel With CBD - Can You Bring Your CBD Oil With You?

Nowadays, CBD is very much a part of mainstream culture and life. You can find CBD based products everywhere from your local grocery store to your office. CBD, unlike THC, does not create an altered reality for the user. This makes it easy to be included as a part of daily life.
As a consumer of CBD, you might wonder how it will affect traveling. Taking CBD oils and CBD gummies like just cdb with you on trips and flights is something most don’t know well about.

Can You Legally Fly With CBD Oil?

In the US, you can fly with CBD products. This is as per the latest guidelines laid down by the TSA. There is one rider; however, it should not contain more than 0.3% of THC. Also, the production of such CBD products needs to have taken place within the legal framework.
The policy change came into effect from May of last year and marked a crucial change in TSA regulations. Before that, no kind of medical marijuana products was allowed while flying. CBD products were marked as special exceptions after the approval of CBD oils by the FDA. Such oils include Elixinol. You can find reviews of the product at

Going Abroad With CBD Oil

There is a definite lack of clarity about traveling with CBD oil in international rules. It depends on the country you are flying to. So, you need to check on their legal regulations. It should come as no surprise that it is better to be safe than sorry. Many countries have strict drug laws, so be cautious.
If you are going on a cruise, the relevant laws applicable to CBD oil are quite confusing. Again, it would be best if you communicate with the cruise line themselves and ask them to shed light on the issue. Don’t try to hide away your CBD oils as the security scanners will pick up products like Lazarus with surety. Visit if you want to know more about it.

Follow These Steps While Travelling With CBD Oils

Typically, the security officers of the TSA won’t search you for illegal drugs. Want your trip with CBD oil to be effortless? Follow these steps:

· Make Sure Oil Is Packed Smartly

Running into issues with CBD at the airport is rare. Make sure you have chosen the right container not larger than 3.4 ounces. This isn’t so hard when you consider that most CBD products come in bottles of 1 ounce.
There is also the extra worry of the oil leaking and the container breaking during the flight. So, put the bottle in a separate plastic bag.

· Choose the Right Type of CBD Product

You can also consider CBD gummies and capsules to carry with you while traveling. Remember smoking or vaping is not allowed on flights. So, avoid CBD vape products.

· Use CBD Beforehand

Don’t intake CBD oil while your trip is in progress. If you must take them due to pain or some medical condition, intake the oil in advance. This ensures that the effects are already there by the time the plane takes off. Capsules and CBD edibles, especially gummies like the ones, are particularly recommended if you need the help of CBD during your flight. The effects are steady and last long with such CBD products.